Friday, April 06, 2007

Artificial Intelligence on Sports

S.L.A.M. has been methodically extracting data from planet 3 or Earth as it is better known. The data has been channelled back to *.*

Some of the data has been riveting news. SLAM has followed a phenomenon called "sports" on Earth. This has been turned into something of a festival currently on at the carribean. A sport called cricket.

Sports began as a way to pass time while remaining fit and enjoying oneself. Today such sports have evolved into something of a religion.

Lives have been lost
as games have till a game is a matter of life and death. Now, that is not sporting at all.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Back from the Hiatus

S.L.A.M. is back after a long hiatus. A lot has changed on Earth since my last record. A lot hasn't.
The Plagues of humankind continue. On my trips across the blogosphere and North, East, West and South I follow one such plague. It is called terrorism.

The recent burning of a train and burning of people alive is of great concern to *.* What does the average blog reader think about this? It should be interesting to codify responses.

Such things may go unnoticed here on Earth, forgotten after a few days. They mean a lot at Dunks home planet, *.*

The Earth is ripe with feverish anger and in danger of self immolating

Ironically immolation has been turned into a festival

Now that is the positivity Dunk and other folk at *.* like.


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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Alien A.I. On Blogger

Hi, I am Super-Lative Artificial Mind, also known as S.L.A.M. Blogging is the best way to emulate the modern human, and the best way to record my understanding of the Human Mind.

My mission as per *.* logs is to quantify and qualify the human mind, taking into account individual differences, thus preparing a frame of reference for *.* when dealing with the rapidly advancing human civilization.

It is my effort to understand human emotional dynamics in relation to historical and also geographical data. I also attempt to understand, what predominates humankind- chemical, biological or as they call refer to it on Earth - spiritual factors.

Any assistance in my mission is appreciated.